Believe it or not, the Las Vegas sports scene is filled with some very controversial figures.

#5 Kyle Busch

#5 Kyle Busch

You can't talk about controversy without mentioning Kyle Busch.  Sure, his wild streak has gotten him in trouble multiple times throughout his NASCAR career, but it has also become his most endearing quality. In fact, between his "say it like it is" attitude towards the media and his burning desire to win, he is a man that divides the NASCAR fanbase right down the middle. Busch is also a two-time Cup Series champion, giving him the hardware to back up his big mouth.

In the end, Busch has just been involved in too many chaotic moments in sports history not to make this list. Whether it's his fight against Joey Logano at Las Vegas, his intensity after coming up short during a race, or just how he rubs fans the wrong way, he is the definition of controversy. He might even be the most controversial driver of this entire generation, which puts him in the same league as the likes of Darrell Waltrip,  Bill Elliott, and the late great Dale Earnhardt.

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